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random blabs

I haven’t blabbed in a while, so here are some thoughts I’d like to blab about:

– It’s funny how traffic jams are always on YOUR side of the road, it seems like everyone lives exactly where you do, they take the same road to work, and they all go to work and get back home exactly the same time as you do!

– TV programs convey different ideas about different cultures, you end up believing that all Egyptian women are desperate to get married and all men are drug lords, Jordanians are tribes who live in tents and drink coffee all day long, Syrians spend most of their time in night clubs dancing to Iraqi songs, all Lebanese people are beautiful and always looking their best, and all Kuwaiti women sleep with their full makeup on.

– Although Ramadan is an annual event that people can prepare for months ahead, it always seems like people remember it just the night the month is announced; so hypermarkets get crammed with people, streets get jammed with traffic, business clients get anxious whining and nagging about their jobs! Is it like they didn’t know Ramadan was coming!

– It seems like this Ramadan the day shifted a few hours, so instead of starting the day at 8 am days now start at 9 pm, if you go out at 1 am streets are jammed like it’s midday.

– It’s funny how we’d sit in a sauna with dry or wet heat for hours to sweat and we consider it healthy, but we get cranky and fidgety when the weather gets a little hot.

– It’s sad how people drive like maniacs just before the call for maghreb prayers, causing fatal accidents like the one on Jordan Street last Friday resulting in 3 deaths and 7 critical injuries. I think a few minutes of hunger would’ve made a better alternative.

A few more weeks until Ramadan is over, I bet people will also be surprised when Eid is announced, I recommend everyone reading this post to go get ready for the Eid before malls and shopping areas get jammed.

Have a pleasant week everyone and drive safe.