one silly blog post

a few months ago I noticed that all the traffic I’m getting on this blog comes from a google search to one silly blog post, a post about a very silly Arabic song that goes something like “I won’t allow my woman to have a job, because I’m a jealous narrow-minded man” not those exact words, but something very close..

I’m not necessarily saying that everything else I blog about is meaningful, but for all traffic of Arabic search to be for this very stupid song is extremely lame and discouraging.

and this is why I decided not to blog for a long long time..


10 responses to “one silly blog post

  1. I hate that song! You should probably delete that blog post!

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    إشي محبط شوي، معك حق


    بس الحل

    mooooooooooooooore blogging! 😀

  3. dear, u have to get used to such topics, welcome in Arabic World 🙂

    • yeah you’re right, I put an effort to try to write in proper Arabic, just to find that most Arabic searches are about music and entertainment news.. bidi a3mel thawra 3al sha3b o 3al aghani il 3arabi..

  4. عادي جدا و طبيعي
    انا البوست اللي عليه اكثر عدد زوار و اللي وصل 1900 زياره خلال 2010 بس هو بوست تنبؤات الابراج

    هاد اهتمام “بعض” الناس بهالايام
    طنشيهم و ارجعيلنا لأنا اشتقنا لتدويناتك 🙂

    • loool

      تنبؤات الأبراج!! والله اشي بحزن.. شر البليه ما يضحك..
      أغاني وأبراج.. الناس وين او انتو وين! أو ع رأي قذافي “من أنتم؟!! حبوب هلوسه” !! 🙂
      شتقتلكم أنا كمان.. والله

  5. I`ve been ,,,,, wasa6! Lol

    EnshaAllah coming 4 a quick visit next week, busy preparing 4 it o haik!

    How`ve YOU been?

  6. Oh really ??It’s amazing to know that just by a song you getting traffic.

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