Juice Bang Bang – Review

Have you heard of Juice Bang Bang?

Juice Bang Bang Logo

It is a Bubble Tea house, so what exactly is bubble tea? Wikipedia defines bubble tea as follows:

Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice blended versions of the drink are also available, usually in fruit flavors. Bubble teas also usually contain small sago balls or pearls called “boba”. Pearls made of jelly are also available in many places. These teas are shaken to mix the ingredients, creating a foam on the top of some varieties. This drink is called bubble tea because of the marble-sized sago balls or “pearls” that are present and sit at the bottom of the cup. These chewy balls, although having little flavor, are sucked up through large wide straws and are consumed along with the drink. Sometimes the customer will be asked if he or she wants “boba” or “bubble” added in the drink. Both these terms refer to the sago balls

when I first heard of a bubble tea house I thought it’s actually flavored iced tea and I was very excited to try it because I just love flavored tea and iced tea, perfect in this hot weather and it doesn’t make you bloated or heavy like other cold drinks, so I went to Juice Bang Bang in the new Avenue mall in Swefieh to try it out, the place itself is so nice and the staff (who are actually the owners) are two very sweet guys, they have all these different flavors of bubble tea, and they’d recommend a flavor to you, and they’d customize your drink however you want it, they’re so sweet and easy going.. I tried the raspberry yogurt and it was so yummy, but it tasted more like milkshake or yogurt shake when I really was hoping for tea, anyway it’s so cool to watch them make it and prepare it, it tastes so good and it’s a very pleasant experience. I seriously hated the bubbles in the bottom, they ruin the whole “drink” experience and for me these jelly tasteless things aren’t edible, so next time I’ll certainly ask them not to add any bubbles to my drink.

Juice Bang Bang Avenue Mall

Juice Bang Bang is so fresh and cool branded, but the venue is horrible I hated Avenue mall, the parking is horrible, the food court is horrible, I didn’t like anything about Avenue mall, but I would definitely go to Juice Bang Bang again because they have this uniqueness factor that makes you go there again and again, it’s no regular milkshake place, it is different than anything else in Amman so even if the venue is horrible, the value you’re served is just worth it – specially with this 2 for 1 offer 🙂 –  I think they might need to adjust their prices a bit I think it’s a little expensive without the offer.

I’m a bit disappointed with this sudden change of logos, they’ve been up and running for a few months and they’re already changing their logo, I couldn’t find a clearer version of the older logo, but you can see how the older logo looks like a tornado, it’s just hideous..

Juice Bang Bang old logo

the new logo is much better, but still I’m not so impressed with the name Juice Bang Bang, it’s too long and difficult to remember, they could have come up with a much better name.

Juice Bang Bang are paying great attention to being available online, they have an under construction web page that has the phone number, location and working hours, twitter feed and the facebook social context plugin, but this page is very search engine unfriendly! The page title had been “Page Title” for the longest time, recently they changed it to “juicebangbang”, the whole thing is one flat image, no text whatsoever, so searching for juice bang bang on google wouldn’t list this page, the twitter feed and the facebook plugin are good ideas, they increase trust in the brand and put the user in a great social context, which most likely results in this user becoming a facebook fan and a twitter follower.

Juice Bang Bang Web PageI wish these guys the best of luck, and my recommendation is if you haven’t tried it yet you certainly should. Let me know what you think.


14 responses to “Juice Bang Bang – Review

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  2. they stole the jewish german haagen-Dazs theme and added the baskin robbins blend.. what new they brought? the taste must be robbins + dazs. so anti our tastes!

    let us know once you try their icecream, perhaps the owner is a previous worker for the above companies!

    • nothing about it is really original, the concept is taken from Taiwan, it’s only new in Jordan.

      And I agree with you that the theme is Baskin Robbins + Haagen-Dazs but this is a whole different topic as I believe we’re not a very creative culture 🙂

      There’s no icecream, it’s just a combination of fruit, cream based liquid and tea..

  3. cant be more interesting if its not ice”t”ream!
    am curious to try it someday.. once in amman, unless you are willing to post a taste review and save me 3 bucks! – still, we have the same mediterranean tongue.

  4. I checked it out the other day just before I left back to the US. it’s really an awesome concept. but to correct, these balls are not made of jelly. these are actually a plant called tapioca and prepared to taste like jellies (or gummy bears). and they do have the original bubble tea, I got the jasmine green tea and it was really cool served iced.

    but I was surprised the offer of 2-for-1 was done 😦 it was for their opening week I guess. they are not fully open as I understood (soft open still) and they have been operating for a month and a half only. I totally agree the mall parking is HORRIBLE and the place stands out among the rest in the food court. (awful food court)

    actually it may seem pricey but its reasonable considering that a cup of coffee these days cost freakin 3 jds in Amman (and the US for the matter). Its a nice alternative to the boring coffee drinks and finally some jordanians are considering branding their own business rather than bringing all those western franchises all the time. thumbs up!

    • Thanks for visiting and the correction, next time I’ll try the jasmine green tea.. I think it’s awesome that we’re starting to have more and more local brands like tche tche and cups & kilos, if the guys at Juice Bang Bang keep it up I think they’d make it.

  5. It’s great that you feel the need to rip apart every new idea in Jordan instead of being supportive. I’d love to see you come up with something for once.

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  7. “I’m a bit disappointed with this sudden change of logos, they’ve been up and running for a few months”

    I disagree as I think it’s better to change the logo at the beginning instead of going through the re-branding costs and headaches once they have a good customer base. Plus they are still in the soft opening phase so it is totally appropriate to do such a step because soft opening actually means trial phase..

    @Me, “they stole the jewish german haagen-Dazs theme and added the baskin robbins blend”

    I think you need to cut them some slack, the theme they chose (which is just the right choice) is refreshing and attractive.. it’s simple, true, but that’s what makes it good.. There’s no need for complicated logos or overcrowding the place with designs and paintings…etc

    So hey, if the refreshing colours turn out to be a background of white with violet and pick that doesn’t mean they “stole” the theme of any place. You need to look deeper than the judgemental superficial surface and just think of the message the owners want to deliver to the customers through their logo and designs!

    So all that being said, I would love to say I’m a loyal constant customer to JBB, I love everything about it (except the venue as u said), and unlike you, I would def. recommend the bubbles, they are what make drinking bubble tea a whole different experience from drinking any juice/milkshake/ice tea! As the owner once told me, they are the reason why bubble tea is sometimes called chit-chat, it’s a perfect companion when chilling with friends 🙂

  8. Sorry just read that:
    “nothing about it is really original”

    I think you are really underrating the ideas they have! Bubble-tea is originally from Taiwan but it’s really unfair of you to say NOTHING about it is original. So Coffee has long been drunk worldwide.. If someone opens a cafe that serves good coffee do you say nothing is original about it? or a Falafel place, or any other thing for that matter? The important thing is that they took the initiative and they are working really hard to get the idea spread! I really think that instead of giving criticism just for the sake of criticism, we should give them credit and constructive criticism to improve their place..

    I’m actually a huge believer in jordanian potential and give my support to jordanian talents like Yazan Rousan, Aziz Maraka and jordanian young entrepreneurs like owners of JBB, fullcup, cupsnkilos… etc

    • Hi Raya,

      first of all allow me to apologize for this massive delay in replying/approving your comments.. yes I definitely agree with you on the criticism part, I think my post about JBB is mostly positive, not negative.. I won’t argue a lot with you here as I really do understand where you come from, but just to get things clear:

      1. I really really like the place and the owners I just hate the venue
      2. The drinks I had were all awesome – but the bubbles didn’t appeal to me, I’m sure other people would disagree
      3. Logos; you open up a place, you go through a lot of back and forth designing and branding your place, stick with what you choose, it is not appropriate to change your logo 3 months through opening, so allow me to disagree with you 🙂
      4. @Me has a point, I know the colors are nice and refreshing I love them! but lots of colors are, it would have been absolutely awesome if JBB chose colors that would later on help build the JBB brand, to have a distinct identity, that really stands out, without being supported by the logo or the name of the place, just use colors that build to a strong brand identity.
      5. I think it’s an amazing initiative, even if the idea is not original, it really doesn’t have to be completely original, the fact that they chose to open up their own place instead of looking up to franchise one is a great deal on its own.. I wish JBB and the owners all the best of luck.

      thanks for stopping by Raya.

  9. Firstly, you are wrong about something. If you had ordered the tea, then you would have gotten tea: “I tried the raspberry yogurt and it was so yummy, but it tasted more like milkshake or yogurt shake when I really was hoping for tea”. The raspberry yougurt is in fact a yougurt drink and not a tea drink.

    And when you talk about the name of the place, I totally disagree. The name is catchy and it goes well with what they serve. The bangbang refers to the bubbles bursting. The name is both creative and memorable, which is essential for marketing purposes. Also, it is now common for its customers to call it JBB for short.

  10. You do realize that you lack basic punctuation skills, don’t you?
    Please learn to use full stops, so that I’m not trying to catch my breath while reading your nonsense.

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