Bite Me – Failure

I tend to have strong emotional feelings towards poorly implemented projects, this will be a series of posts that express some of these emotions, because blabbing about them to friends and family isn’t serving these emotions any justice.

have you heard of this new sandwich catering/delivery called “Bite Me Jordan”


Bite Me Intro Page

when you go to first thing you see is this intro page above, prompting you to click to get to the website, the reason behind the intro page really beats me! Nonetheless, you click to get to the homepage.


Bite Me Homepage

I’m no design expert but what’s up with the typeface? two different fonts, the one that seems to be the brand font I think is a failed attempt to ripoff BoingBoing font. Obviously whoever designed the logo and website of Bite Me knows nothing of design.

what’s up with the different font sizes? and the bold? this homepage paragraph is only lacking an italic word to look like the HTML pages of the early 1990’s

I have a feeling the business owner decided that they know better, design is not so important, and a brand is just a luxury. I understand a beginning of a small business is difficult, and that probably the owner wanted to save money here and there! but seriously the elements of Bite Me is inviting me to ask the owner to “BITE ME!”, I really wouldn’t wanna bite anything coming from that brand.

Let’s move to the menu page, after all this is a sandwich catering/delivery service, the menu seriously lacks options, and these limited options are seriously overpriced, a Big Tuna sandwich is for 4.00 JD add to that a 1.50 JD delivery and 1 JD for a soft drink (I’m assuming it’s 1 JD) and there you go, a quick lousy brunch for 6.50 JD hmmm remind me again Mr./Ms. Bite Me Jordan why I would order a sandwich from you instead of Subway for example?!


Bite Me Menu

Bite Me Jordan decides to be cheap and not hire a designer/web designer to create their logo and website, but expect people not to be cheap and order their 7.00 JD sandwich.

On a quick note, the music on the website under “Listening to” isn’t bad.


5 responses to “Bite Me – Failure

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  2. I think the sad part of this story is that he probably hired a designer to do this and this is what he got 😦

  3. New def. of E-marketing :p
    Mind u, don`t be sO suprised of the outcome, it may turn out to be a hit -if only for a while-.


  4. haha wonderful definition of e-marketing, make your core business model crappy! 😛

    yeah I’m sure a small group of people will get excited about it 🙂 but I don’t think this will be a success if they don’t fix the website, lower their prices, and add more items to the menu.

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