The Office – Couples Only

If you work in a company with long working hours – or even short – you probably find a lot of your co-workers falling in love, getting engaged and married, it probably also happened to you, you’re falling for someone you work with, and you don’t know if it is appropriate or not, you feel the office is becoming couples only and you might as well appoint a bouncer at the door.

Office romance is appealing for several reasons; we spend most of our day at work, we see our co-workers more than our friends and acquaintances out of work, seeing people regularly tends to make it easier for us to like them. Another aspect of it is the secrecy, we all enjoy a little suspense every now and then, the suspense of a new relationship is an aphrodisiac and it is even more appealing when we add the thrill of a secret relationship that none can know about.

I do encourage office romance because let’s face it, we’re getting older, our group of friends is becoming limited, we most probably do not have the time to meet someone decent and get to know them well outside of the office. However, one must be cautious while starting an office romance, start slowly with lunch or coffee and casual chitchats, get to know the other person really well, make sure you don’t drag your fights and disagreements to the office, make sure you don’t annoy anyone with your public display of affection – avoid any display of affection altogether, and most importantly make sure that if you breakup you will both behave professionally and respect each other; meaning don’t drag other co-workers into the relationship, don’t badmouth each other, maintain a certain level of respect and professionalism.


7 responses to “The Office – Couples Only

  1. But all the “cautions” r easier said than done! If the relationship doesn`t go well, a bitter feeling is in place bcoz of the same reasons that lead to it in the 1st place, seeing him/her every working day & the interactions that occur accordingly.

    To me, setting the boundries is a must and no office-romancing is better (all in all).

    *Fish somewhere else 😉


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  3. Hello Haitham,

    what if you really really like someone you work with? if you take it one step at a time, and you were careful about it and you both behave like grownups it could work 😛

    but if you have time to meet people outside the scope of work, it is certainly much better to do so.

  4. I agree, to every situation there are best-of examples for sure :).

    If I`m faced w/ such “dilemma” I`ll quit, look 4 another job, and/then get involved 😛 (yeah ri8!), lol


  5. I always thought that ppl wouldnt shit where they eat, ie. they wont get involved with affairs at all, unless someone is willing to sacrifice with his or her position as a second step toward making it possible.

    • Haitham: hehe it is easier to quit your job! 😛 find yourself a woman and QUIT your job! 😛

      Me: “don’t shit where you eat” well it’s becoming more popular nowadays that people getting involved with their coworkers, and companies are not willing to lose their favorite employees, they keep them on board and allow them to pursue these relationships as long as they don’t effect the work environment. I know so many married couples who work together.

  6. I found my woman already, lol (during my 1st job) :D.

    As for “as long as they don’t effect the work environment” <— that`s the thing! How to define it, where are the boundaries?


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