Is society really going mad?

or is it just our perception?

you know how when you’re out after a long day at work, and you’re so tired and your mind is constantly racing with a wide variety of active threads, with a huge thought always on your mind just wishing that the day had more than these lousy 24 hours.. on the table next to yours is a group of 19-ish years old boys and girls, laughing out loud, drinking, smoking, looking oh so happy and fresh, girls at their best with full makeup and festive hair-dos, you take a look at yourself, your pale face, puffy eyes and aching neck due to lack of sleep and the 10 hours you spend behind the computer. it’s getting late, you can barely keep your eyes open and the kids on the table next to you are still laughing out loud.. with a very disturbed tone you make a confident remark that the world is going mad, society and morals are decaying..

is society really going mad? Arthur Herman said that each generation in every culture men and women are not up to the standards of their parents, is this an actual reality? or is it just a perception? if this is a fact, there should be a time when morals and society will literally fall apart, but it is not really falling apart, the society is still what it has always been, it is just the advances of technology, quality of life, income and health that is changing..

then why is it then that our perception of society declines as we grow older? the reason why the world seems to be deteriorating is traced back to our own development as human being, growing up, maturing, aging physically and mentally and the experiences we are exposed to as we grow older. We subconsciously misinterpret the changes we experience to changes and deterioration in the society around.

what happens as we grow older that makes us believe that society is declining? I believe this could be summed up to the following:

1. our physical and mental abilities become less active making us believe that the world is less vibrant

2. growing up and facing new situation and experiences exposes us to so many things we used to be sheltered from when we were younger

3. we become parents, and by default parents are more sensitive to changes in the society, so what we considered fun and daring when we were young, is now dangerous and threatening to our children

Society is not really deteriorating, our perception of the world changes as we grow older, we are not aware of changes in ourselves as we are aware of changes in the environment around us, we would rather live in denial regarding growing older – specially for us young adults approaching our 30s and suffering from quarter life crisis – while this can have positive effects on our feelings and self-respect, it leaves us living in contempt and fear of the world around us.


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